Press Release: Dumbledore Santa Event

RE: Dumbledore Santa Event Dec 2-3, 2017

The Dumbledore Santa event this weekend is shaping up to be very magical. Holiday decorations are up and the alley is looking very festive!

Here are some of the particulars:

Dumbledore Santa is a 30 year small theatre pro.

Nearly 30 Wizards showing up at various times over the weekend to entertain guests.
Including: Sirius Black, Professor McGonagall, Doby, Hagrid and Hermione and more!!

Dumbledore and Wizards will be in the alley from 1-6pm Sat & Sun.

GRINGOTTS DRAGON: Volunteer Artist, Frank Carillo loaded up the dragon last night and is leaving Pamona, CA this morning. The dragon is going up on the Gringotts dome as soon as he gets here.

Both Gringotts and The Leaky Cauldron kids playhouses are making their grand opening this weekend.

The Chambers girls and their friends are selling Harry Potter themed sugar cookies, peppermint hot cocoa and Butter Beer from the newly completed Leaky Cauldron.


  • 180 gallons of fake snow that I will be covering the alley with.
  • We estimate 9-10k people have visited the alley since Halloween
  • We have submitted $8400 to the PurpleStride site under the name The Wizards of Diagon Alley thus far.

We are expecting massive crowds and lines, so dress warm and be merry! (Like Halloween, we will be cycling people through around scansions. We will have helpers on site for crowd control.)

All donations taken at the door will go to Pancreatic Cancer Research.

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  1. How do we get there (address)? How much is it? What’s the expected wait time in line(so I can prepare)? What’s the parking situation?

    1. 7514 13th Ave NW. Free to enter, cash donations are gladly accepted four our cause. We will also be selling unique Harry Potter themed cookies, peppermint hot cocoa and Butter Beer. There is a lot of on street parking on our block and a decent amount in the surrounding neighborhood.

  2. Is it still going to be available for viewing the rest of December? We will be out of town for the big event but would still love to go see it before it’s gone.

  3. We are actually flying out to Orlando to visit HP World, but would love to visit your version when we get back. Other special events planned for later in the month?

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