Calling all Witches and Wizards!

Do you have an amazing costume from the Harry Potter world, and love getting into its character? I am looking for a select few to accompany Professors Dumbledore and Trelawney on December 2nd and 3rd for a magical weekend event, pictures with Dumbledore Santa. All proceeds from this event will go to Pancreatic Cancer Research.

I hear snow is forecasted for that weekend in Diagon Alley and the setting will be truly magical.

So please contact me if you are interested in entertaining a couple thousand guests for a good cause on that weekend. You can send pictures and/or video of you in costume to me at jonchambers dot com, or just a message saying your interested and what character you like getting into.


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  1. I am working the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd but I am free for future weekends if you have any other needs. I have a costume for Tina Goldstein from fantastic beasts.

  2. I replied to your tweet about this, but just to make sure it doesn’t get lost since I’m very interested! I do Sirius Black, and I’d love to participate! (several photos on my website below, or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram). I have a fairly decently sized platform and will help promote the event ahead of time as well!

  3. Do you have a Hagrid yet? I was him at a Harry Potter- themed wedding last year, and hung on to the costume “just in case”. I live walking distance from your place. In fact, our now 24-year-old twins are Whittier grads. I’m available that weekend and would love to help out. I’ll see if i can dig up a picture to send along.

  4. We are interested, please send me all the details. I was professor mgonagall with the group of Hogwarts teachers that stopped by yesterday afternoon.

  5. I am gathering a group of my friends to come to this 🙂 and take some pics in our HP costumes. 🙂 I will be coming in my Cho Chang costume!

  6. A bunch of my friends and I will be coming, and most of us will be in hogwarts robes if you want some “extras” wandering around!

  7. Hi. My 14 year old is interested in helping as Bellatrix Lestrange (if that’s not too scary for the little kids.) I think your daughter might recognize her from the Whittier carnival, but I can send a photo, if you like. Thanks for doing this!!

  8. Can you use a Snape?
    Sorry for contacting you so late, I just saw the Billy the Brick posting on our Cosplay Seattle Facebook site about him doing Sirus Black yesterday.

    I was planning on visiting your Diagon Alley in costume with my daughter when she comes home for Christmas so I didn’t finish sewing buttons and pockets on my original Salvation Army Frock Coat until tonight.

    Let me know: if, how or when you could use me. Don’t have a photo on a website but can email you one.

  9. Hello, I am so excited about this ! And it is very meaningful to me. My baby sister just passed over, October 4th, from pancreatic cancer. I would absolutely love to be involved in this project. And yes, I have a fabulous witch outfit. I am a professional seamstress/designer and a chef, and am happy to volunteer. Thank you for this. You are wonderful.
    Respectively, Debo’rah Bogard

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