Diagon Alley Project – Day 16

I stared the day by applying 5 bandaids to my cracked and sore hands, then took a couple of Aleve to help ignore them.

My hands are fried.

My goal today is to get all this painted and up…

All the 3d printed details waiting for a home.
Mikes amazing brackets with paint.

James showed up with the boys and were a huge help today. Along with Chris they put these things up high on the Ollivanders wall.

Not the best but will have to due for now.

I managed to get the scissors done before help showed up.

Painted scissors in place.

Another long day today and even more help! I love my circle of friends, I love my community, this is an amazing outpouring of help and support.

Bill with more junk from his backyard that was perfect!

Downspout courtesy of Bill’s back yard pile

He got to finishing up the roof lines today as well.

Lets finish up those roof’s today.

Michael and Zoe were back and brought their friend Preston. Together they rocked more bricks and we ended up getting it all painted. The kids that showed up painted all the bricks after the base paint was on.

Zoe rocking more bricks.

Q13 Fox crew showed up today to shoot and interview. Avery loved it but Haley and Jennifer not so much.

Avery hamming it up for the news crew.
My hot wife being amenable to the news crew.
Haley is more interested in painting bricks than being interviewed.

Yesterday April Parrish went home and said she was making all the vinyl lettering for the shops that I was planning on hand painting today. Thank goodness she took over because I wouldn’t have got them done, no way no how. Her and her family showed up late with a box full of goodies and they are freaking perfect!

The Parrish family, rock stars.
April saving my bacon.

I capped the day off by getting back to some of the 3d printed effects. I can’t wait to put up the Golden Snitch, it turned out perfect! The wings are 3d printed in NinjaFlex so they are flexible and will flap in the wind a bit.

The golden snitch.

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