Diagon Alley Project – Day 15

Ok, this day was completely nuts. I had tons of help, so much that I spent the entire day delegating.

Joe Simpson showed up early and got started on shaping bricks for the wall. Sorry Joe, not the funniest job.

Joe working the bricks

Zoe and Michael showed up in the afternoon to relieve Joe, after his fingers fell off.

Zoe and Michael, brick making machines

The result of all their hard brick making work really paid off. The #diagonalleyproject now has a proper entrance to match how epic this thing is going to be.

This turned out amazing!

The Waddell’s dropped Lucy off and her and Haley got to painting Madam Malkin’s.

Haley and Lucy painting
Madam Malkin’s looking good

There was a lot of brown paint to finish today, so the Miller-Klein’s were the lucky ducks to get that assignment.

The Miller-Klein family reporting in

And then my Sister Martha showed up with the grand kids and they took over the brown sky bridge painting, with the help of Avery naturally. 🙂

Avery teaching her cousins how to drip paint

Achim and Bill were all over the place working their magic today.

Bill creating more roofs
Bill and Achim adding more detail
Bill, nice job!

April & Matt Parish showed up with their girls and got to painting, starting with the remaining purple then moving to the green. Florish & Blotts, Magical Menagerie and Madam Malkins all painted today!

Magical Menagerie has paint!

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