Diagon Alley Project – Day 12

It was a shop day for me building a couple things for Madam Malkins, which hasn’t got much love until now. The detail above all the Malkins I have seen are ridiculous, and I tried to capture it the best I could.

Custom door trim.
Madam Malkins door detail taking shape.

Was able to throw together Malkins window frame.

Madam Malkins window frame complete.

The doors are going to need some realistic looking details, time to print!

I need some door knobs and lock sets, Lulzbot to the rescue.

Haley put some red paint on Quality Quittich Supplies after school.

Man this red looks great!

I prepped some art for Nate over at Kerf Design who is going to cut a bunch of corbels for me with his massive CNC machine. 🙂

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