Diagon Alley Project – Day 3

James, one of my oldest and dearest friends, showed up today to help with his boy Reilly, who got to skip class today for a lesson in creative construction.

James and Reilly

I love working with James because we know each other so well that I don’t have to explain things much with him, he gets me and how my brain works. Because of this we were able to put up nearly all the walls today.

Most of the walls are up, now how do I keep them from staying up in a wind storm?

After lunch I was looking at the weather forecast and decided that I needed to build some more structure to keep the coming wind storm from blowing the walls over. So we headed to Lowe’s and got supplies to build a sky bridge.

James on the sky bridge.

Worried about the wind a bit, I am going to keep the structure low for now and build it up after the incoming storms.

Avery is home from school and approves of the sky bridge.

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