Diagon Alley Project – Day 1

Today I drove to Lowe’s and filled my truck with as much plywood and lumber as it could handle, about $640 worth. This is it, I am committed now.

My biggest fans.

Also, I put out a Facebook post with a picture of my haul and asked for help putting together the 24 panels that will eventually make up the basic structure of the alley. Michael and Zoe showed up to help out, yeah my first volunteers!

Zoe and Michael, my first volunteers!
Daisy wants to help too.

I got started on the panels and got 8 of them finished and ready for paint. I am going to need some help to get all these done!

Helping out and learning how to build.

Friends are committing to help tomorrow and the weather is supposed to be amazing. Am giddy with excitement.

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